Dendritic Molecules by George R. Newkome, Charles N. Moorefield, Fritz Vögtle

By George R. Newkome, Charles N. Moorefield, Fritz Vögtle

The 1st publication on dendrimers!
The authors, pioneers during this clinical box, describe uncomplicated rules and present advancements within the speedily evolving box of dendrimer examine. All features of the topic are coated: the authors offer a old evaluation, theoretical heritage, and discussions of the synthesis and functions of dendrimers. The e-book therefore spans natural chemistry and extra application-orientated disciplines like fabric technological know-how and pharmaceutical chemistry. the wonderful, distinctive record of references additional raises the worth of the ebook. The optimum presentation of the structural formulation of dendrimers - hugely symmetrical substantial molecules - is helping the reader comprehend the delicate synthesis quickly.
This e-book will set the traditional for extra monographs in this topic.

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