Deconstructing Sport History: A Postmodern Analysis by Murray G. Phillips

By Murray G. Phillips

Provides a large spectrum of serious ways that question conventional game heritage.

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59 What criteria should historians use to assess the neutrality or objectivity of advocates? 60 On this basis Smith recognizes four types of advocate. ”61 Usually involved with a particular viewpoint, partisan eyewitnesses “can achieve detachment” although they find it difficult; the expert witnesses, by contrast, achieve a high degree of detachment at the expense of all involvement. Last, leading counsels express a high degree of involvement at the expense of detachment. ”62 Collins, Henderson, and Young are judges.

36 White, who more than any other scholar has directed attention to the nature and role of historical narratives, argues that modes of emplotment involve ontological and epistemological choices. ”38 Sport historians have overwhelmingly ignored White’s work. Phillips is the sole exception. 2). According to Phillips, Booth’s account of female surf lifesavers unfolds as a tragedy, whereas Jaggard’s history of women’s involvement in surf lifesaving follows a romantic plot. ” Booth’s story line is one of enduring tragedy exemplified by frequent “buts,” which serve as a literary device to amplify women’s pain.

60. John Bale and Mike Cronin, “Introduction: Sport and Postcolonialism” in Sport and Postcolonialism, eds. J. Bale and M. Cronin (New York: Berg, 2003), 1–13. 61. Munslow, “Introduction,” in Experiments in Rethinking History, 9. 62. Keith Jenkins, Re-thinking History (London: Routledge, 1991), 19. 63. Eaglestone, Postmodernism and Holocaust Denial, 25. 64. Jenkins, Re-thinking History, 11. 65. For good summaries of the past/history distinction see Eaglestone, Postmodernism and Holocaust Denial, 24–26; Jenkins, Re-thinking History, 5–20.

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