Dark Promises - Midnight by Elisa Adams

By Elisa Adams

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The lingering taste of her blood in his mouth should have turned her off. It didn’t. It made her hotter instead. She was on fire. She was on the brink of what promised to be another earthshattering climax, and all it would take was one stroke at just the right angle to do it. She shifted her hips a little and her world exploded. Marco came with her, his mouth leaving hers as a guttural cry escaped his lips. He held his weight off of her, supporting himself on his elbows. She could feel him shaking above her and she tried to pull him on top of her.

No, Ellie is not a vampire. ” That remark stung. ” He raised a brow. “Do you? ” She waved a hand in the air. “Please. You’re not that hard to understand. When you want something, you take it. You don’t ask, because that would be a sign of weakness. Women have no place in your life, except as toys. When you get mad, you act first and worry about the consequences later. You’re impulsive, arrogant, and feel like you’re entitled to whatever you want. ” She cocked her head to the side and waited for his response.

He’d never felt so out of control in his life. His fangs completely elongated against his will, something that hadn’t happened in years. He tried to force them back in, but it was no use. Beyond the thinking stage, he sank them into her neck. Her blood flowed easily over his tongue and her nails dug into his back again. That was enough to send him into a furious climax that nearly blinded him. He buried his cock in her to the hilt and rode out the sensations, wondering if he was going to black out.

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