Dark Legacy by Anna DeStefano

By Anna DeStefano

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Rain beat at the windshield. There were no wipers to clear her view. No headlights. Thankfully, no other cars in sight. She hit the brakes and swerved toward the side of the road. Stumbling into the warm rain, her silk nightshirt glued to her body, she rounded the back bumper and reached the grassy shoulder of a country highway. Lightning flashed. Sheets of shiny black water rained down. d stopped beside. The same one from her nightmares. She lifted a shaking hand to shove back her hair. an automatic, covered in blood.

He could feel her next shudder. When she swayed, he reached to pull her away from the patient, her distress becoming his own. I need a surgical consult,? she yelled. Now!? Dr. Britton shoved past Jarred. Temple?? The ER attending sighed. What the hell are you doing? s stable, and I need you?? s bleeding out,? Maddie insisted. Listen, you little nutcase.? s scowl was understandable. t been up for diagnosing a hangnail, let alone an advanced MVA trauma. ll?? ll what, Doctor?? t remember edging between them, but he and Britton were nose to nose.

Every intrusion into the happy world she clung to was an assault on her mind. The rescue crew said it was instantaneous. t have felt?? I know exactly what he felt!? Maddie shot to her feet. She paced across the too-bright waiting room. She clenched her fingers into fists. Rubbed her arms. Tried not to fall into the emptiness in her mind. Tried not to hate her mother and Sarah for being so weak, while Maddie had so far found a way to keep it together. Daddy felt?? t, Maddie,? her mother hissed. t want to hear??

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