Creating an Innovative Culture (Express Exec) by Dennis Sherwood

By Dennis Sherwood

Quick music path to making innovation happenCovers the main elements of cultures that actively stimulate and inspire innovation and creativity, from concept iteration and review to the 5 key motivators and the 5 key enablers that make sure that nice rules come to fruitionExamples and classes from many of the world's such a lot inventive companies, together with Goldman Sachs and 3M, and ideas from the neatest thinkers, together with Arthur Koestler, James Christiansen and Edward de BonoIncludes a word list of key recommendations and a accomplished assets consultant

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The overall purpose of evaluation, remember, is to lead to a decision as to whether or not an idea is to be taken into development and implementation, and the role of the hats process is to structure the gathering of supporting evidence so that this decision can be taken wisely. One of the benefits of using the hats is that the process can be as modest or as extensive as is appropriate – it is quite possible to carry out a hats analysis in an hour or so; you can also use the hats framework as the basis for a fully documented business case or feasibility study, which might take months.

So, the proposition we are evaluating is: 48 CREATING AN INNOVATIVE CULTURE ‘‘We intend to introduce a suggestion scheme in which individuals are encouraged to put forward new ideas. Individuals will write their ideas on a form, and submit them either on paper or by e-mail to the Innovation Center. The ideas will be sorted, feedback will be given, and the best ideas will be taken to a committee of senior managers for approval. ’’ EVALUATION IN PRACTICE Think about this proposition for a few moments, and do a quick yellow, black, red, and white hat analysis.

The process itself is simple, and it is extremely rare for anyone to object to either its underlying motive – balance and wisdom – or its method – to examine 46 CREATING AN INNOVATIVE CULTURE an idea from a multiplicity of angles. ), will amaze both themselves and everyone else that, when they are asked to put on a yellow hat (‘‘just for once’’), they do so, and at last say something positive. It works. It really does. EVALUATION IN PRACTICE BUSINESS CASES Take a look at your business’s guidelines for producing business cases and feasibility studies – perhaps you can find a recent example of the finished article, or maybe you have access to some guidelines.

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