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Effektiv Java programmieren : [57 Regeln für eine professionelle Java-Programmierung]

Java-Handbücher neigen zum Wuchern und enden oftmals als fette Backsteine zum Abstützen anderer Bücher im Regal. Wer liest schon 1. 2 hundred Seiten wirklich durch? Da fällt ein Java-Buch von etwas über 2 hundred Seiten schon ins Auge. Beim Java lernen ist es nicht mit einer umfangreichen Referenz der Sprache selbst getan -- die Denke und die Konzepte dahinter wollen auch verstanden und umgesetzt werden.

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Println(x); The integer we are using to count to ten is actually declared within the declaration of the loop. As soon as the expression is met and the loop ends, the x variable’s memory space is cleared and put back into the shared memory pool. This same idea works at all levels of the Java environment. Security Security was an issue that the creators of C++ did not have to deal with—they left that up to individual programmers. However, since Java is designed to be a distributed programming language, security is a prime concern.

Even if you have created Web pages using HTML instructions, you might be unfamiliar with the Java applet-specific HTML tags. 1 The TickerTape applet in action. ) The ... tag pair tells a Java-enabled Web browser, such as Netscape 2, that a specified applet should be loaded and played. class. If you used a different filename, you would need to change this instruction. The WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters specify the width and height of the window or “space” that will be used to play the applet.

Bytecodes that are downloaded from a network are passed to a bytecode verifier which attempts to weed out bad code that could damage a local computer. Because Java has no pointers or programmer-driven memory allocation routines, Java code is less likely to go off track and crash a local computer due to illegal memory access operations. The absence of pointers also keeps troublesome hackers from writing code that accesses a local computer’s system memory to get unauthorized privileges. By design, the Java Virtual Machine assumes that code downloaded from a network should be trusted less than code that is resident on a local computer.

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