Copy Fights: The Future of Intellectual Property in the

Edited via Adam Thierer and Clyde Wayne Crews, Jr., this choice of essays from leaders in know-how, copyright and highbrow estate fields glance on the undying questions surrounding highbrow estate and the way they could switch with rising know-how within the info age. that includes decisions from Tom W. Bell, John Perry Barlow, Rep. Rick Boucher, Stan Liebowitz, Mitch Glazier, and plenty of more.


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At the very least, the hard job of privatizing copyright and patent law promises to keep liberty-loving policy wonks motivated and busy for years to come. Conclusion Arguments over the proper scope of copyright and patent law resemble the argument between my brother and me in that both arguments wrongly assume knowledge of things unknown and unknowable. We can excuse such meta-ignorance in the case of two kids squabbling over the merits of their favorite colors. We cannot excuse it in the case of those who shape copyright and patent policy, however.

Palmer, ‘‘Are Patents and Copyrights Morally Justified? The Philosophy of Property Rights and Ideal Objects,’’ Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy 13 (1990): 851–55, distinguishing rights to tangible property from claims to intangibles. 11. For an argument from irony, consider this: The text that allegedly inspired a natural rights view of copyright among the Founders, John Locke, The Second Treatise of Government, in John Locke, Two Treatises of Government, ed. Laslett (1690, New York: Cambridge University Press: 1963), p.

801–03. 16 2. Defending Intellectual Property James V. DeLong Food Fights Intellectual property (IP) is a fine topic for anyone with a bent for mischief. ’’ and sit back to enjoy the entertainment. This is special fun at lunch meetings, as anyone with fond memories of the food fight in Animal House will quickly understand. 00, thanks to a system of protecting intellectual property that enables video rental outlets to maintain large stocks of old classics. Despite the virtues of protecting IP, as demonstrated by such pragmatic criteria as the easy availability of old movies, not everyone likes the institution.

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