Conan the Bold by John Maddox Roberts

By John Maddox Roberts

While his would-be bride and her family members are savagely killed by means of Taharka of Keshan, the younger Conan of Cimmeria vows his unrelenting revenge. From the combating pits of Croton to the plains of Ophir, Conan pursues Taharka to a conflict to the dying.

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Whispering voice-“. else, insanity will save ye.. ” 3. beware of the spheres! Some may be inhabited.. ” 4. Mentalimage-the ancient stone pillar is a magical portal to Oonga’s domain. 5. Mental image-three scriptures a r e required for the ritual at the stone pillar. 6. Telepathic message-the character gains some arcane knowledge if a magic-user or illusionist. He may use one 9th-level spell over and above normal limitations (permanent until cast). For others, or if the spell is not understood, the character goes permanently insane.

Run and leap t o attack, for the! are always hungry. 30f. Large Low-Ceilinged Cave 30c. gh Ledge . I ere is another ledge at the southern porticIn of the long one which certainly leads 11upward to the lowest cave openings. There appears to be a series of steps in its central portion where climbing is possible. hisch certainly leads Again, the party will be subject to hurled rocks on this ledge. 30d. Uppermost Ledge Some 20 feet above the small middle outcropping, 35 feet above the first ledge, and at least 55 feet above the ground, is a relatively long and narrow shelf of stone that leads to three cave openings.

The letter R indicates rubble-broken slabs of rock from ceiling or ledge. Sufficient natural light filters in to allow vision to extend to 60 feet clearly, 120 feet dimly (only vague shapes can be seen, although movement will be obvious). Climbing to ledges where rubble is present is relatively fast-one round to accomplish this climb. Other rises are more difficult to scale, and normal climbing time will be three to five rounds per rise. There is a 1 in 20 chance that Oonga will decide to come out of his lair while the party is in the cavern complex.

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