Computer Animation Complete: All-in-One: Learn Motion by Rick Parent, David S. Ebert, David Gould, Markus Gross,

By Rick Parent, David S. Ebert, David Gould, Markus Gross, Chris Kazmier, Charles John Lumsden, Richard Keiser, Alberto Menache, Matthias Müller, F. Kenton Musgrave, Mark V. Pauly, Darwyn Peachey, Ken Perlin, Hanspeter Pfister, Jason Sharpe, Mark R. Wilkins,

As a 3D Animator and teacher, i used to be super disillusioned with this e-book. many of the info reads like a handout from a technical demo that they use at SIGGRAGH. The movement trap part can be a background lesson of the improvement of the apparatus. many of the Maya animation classes are taken from different books which are now four to six years outdated. don't waste your funds paying for this ebook.

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In fact, because the quality of the separate stages of computer animation can be independently controlled, it can be argued to be even better suited for these evaluation techniques than conventional animation. 1 Computer Animation Production Tasks While motion control is the primary subject of this book, it is worth noting that motion control is only one aspect of the effort required to produce computer animation. The other tasks (and the other talents) that are integral to the fi nal product should not be overlooked.

The standard configuration uses two source videotape players, a switching box, and an output videotape recorder (see Fig. 9). The two source tapes are searched to locate the initial desired sequence; the tape deck on which it is found is selected for recording on the output deck, and the sequence is recorded. The tapes are then searched to locate the next segment, the deck is selected for output, and it is recorded on the output tape. This continues until the new composite sequence has been created on the output tape.

1986): nominated for an Academy Award. Red’s Dream (1987). Tin Toy (1988): first computer animation to win an Academy Award. Knick Knack (1989). Geri’s Game (1997): Academy Award winner. These early animations paved the way for three-dimensional computer animation to be accepted as an art form. They were among the first fully computer-generated three-dimensional animations to be taken seriously as animations, irrespective of the technique involved. Another early piece of three-dimensional animation, which integrated computer graphics with conventional animation, was Technological Threat (1988).

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