Complexes, Clusters and Crystal Chemistry (Structure and by David Michael P. Mingos

By David Michael P. Mingos

1. D.M.P. Mingos, J.E. McGrady, A. L. Rohl Moments of Inertia in Cluster and Coordination Compounds 2. M. Drillon, J. Darriet growth in Polymetallic Exchange-Coupled structures, a few Examples in Inorganic Chemistry three. P. Zanello Stereochemical elements linked to the Redox Behaviour of Heterometal Carbonyl Clusters four. R. G. Denning digital constitution and Bonding in Actinyl Ions five. M. Evain, R. Brec a brand new method of Structural Description of complicated Polyhedra Containing Polychalcogenide Anions 6. E. Brese, M. O'Keeffe Crystal Chemistry of Inorganic Nitrides

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37 the projection of these moments of inertia onto the Ix + Iy + Iz = 8 plane is illustrated. Table 29 describes the geometric properties of selected 8-coordinate complexes, along with the classification given in [49], were available. In Figure 38 the results are plotted, along with the theoretical rearrangement pathways derived from the moments of inertia analysis, as a projection onto the Ix + Iy + Iz = 8 plane. The complexes are identified on the figure. In the cases where more than one example of the same complex ion occurs, then the counter ion is also shown on the Figure.

Murray-Rust P, B/irgi H-B, Dunitz JD (1979) Act. Cryst. A 35: 703; (1978) Act. Cryst. B 34: 1787; 1793 4. B/irgi H-B (1975) Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 14:460 5. Biirgi H-B, Dunitz JD (1983) Ace. Chem. Res. 16:153 6. Muetterties EL, Guggenberger LJ (1974) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 96:1748 7. Porai-Koshits MA, Aslanov LA (1972) Zh. Struk. Kh. 13:266 8. Dollase WA (1974) Act. Cryst. A30:513 9. Brand JC (1975) Molecular structure-The physical approach, Edward Arnold, London 10. Gavezzotti AJ (1989) J. Am.

Capped Trig. 001 Two possible rearrangement pathways have been proposed for the rearrangement from the pentagonal bipyramid to the capped trigonal prism [49], one of which retains a 2-fold axis during the rearrangement, defined by the bisector of the angle formed by atoms 5, 7 and the central atom, while the other retains a mirror plane, defined by atoms 1, 5 and 7. The rearrangement which retains a mirror plane passes a geometry which is close to, but not identical to, the capped octahedron. This pathway can be separated into 2 separate sections, Pentagonal Bipyramid --* Capped Octahedron and Capped Octahedron ---,Capped Trigonal Prism.

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