Case Studies In Marketing Management by A. V. Shukla

By A. V. Shukla

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Dr. Gertrud Schmitz ist wissenschaftliche Angestellte am Lehrstuhl für Unternehmenspolitik und advertising der RWTH Aachen.

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When you're in the dark, somebody has to lift the veil and let the light in. There is a 21 How t o Drive Your Competition Crazy divine intervention coming through either great things or horrible things happening to you. These things make you start looking for answers and start looking within, so that every misfortune is an opportunity for you to start to know yourself better. Maybe it's a divine way to tell you that you're not doing things so right, so life is not going too good. " How do you develop killer instinct?

E x e r c i s e Does this describe how research is transformed in your organization? Customer It is a crock of shit, and it stinks. Researcher •-" It is a container of feces, and most unpleasant in smell. Manager It is an earthenware vessel of excrement, and it is very strong. Director It is a vase of fertilizer, and no one can resist its strength. Vice President It contains substances that aid plant growth, and it is very potent. Chief Operating Officer It promotes growth, and it is very robust.

It read like a chemistry set—with things like mono- and diglycerides and butylated hydroxyanisole—to preserve freshness of all things! Then we looked at Wise's packaging, and their ingredients were potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt. It was just at the beginning of the health food craze, so this was fabulous. It was all we needed. Pringles gave us the ammunition needed to do the job we had to do. We created a very simple commercial: two women sitting side by side. In front of one woman was a can of Pringles and in front of the 51 How t o D r i v e Y o u r C o m p e t i t i o n C r a z y other woman was a bag of Wise potato chips.

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