C++: Einführung und professionelle Programmierung by Ulrich Breymann

By Ulrich Breymann

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Effektiv Java programmieren : [57 Regeln für eine professionelle Java-Programmierung]

Java-Handbücher neigen zum Wuchern und enden oftmals als fette Backsteine zum Abstützen anderer Bücher im Regal. Wer liest schon 1. 2 hundred Seiten wirklich durch? Da fällt ein Java-Buch von etwas über two hundred Seiten schon ins Auge. Beim Java lernen ist es nicht mit einer umfangreichen Referenz der Sprache selbst getan -- die Denke und die Konzepte dahinter wollen auch verstanden und umgesetzt werden.

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Consider the following code: // C++ code class Finances { private: char creditCardNumber[16]; ... 16s\n", cardno); } In this little C++ drama, we have written some code that violates the encapsulation of the Finances class and pulls out some secret information. This sort of shenanigan—abusing an untyped pointer—is not possible in Java. If this example seems unrealistic, consider how important it is to protect the foundation (system) classes of the runtime environment from similar kinds of attacks.

Highly dynamic languages such as Smalltalk are more like an off-road vehicle: they afford you more freedom but can be somewhat unwieldy. It can be fun (and sometimes faster) to * The credit for the car analogy goes to Marshall P. Cline, author of the C++ FAQ. Safety of Design This is the Title of the Book, eMatter Edition | 11 go roaring through the back woods, but you might also get stuck in a ditch or mauled by bears. Another attribute of a language is the way it binds method calls to their definitions.

Class Loaders Java adds a second layer of security with a class loader. A class loader is responsible for bringing the bytecode for Java classes into the interpreter. Every application that loads classes from the network must use a class loader to handle this task. After a class has been loaded and passed through the verifier, it remains associated with its class loader. As a result, classes are effectively partitioned into separate namespaces based on their origin. When a loaded class references another class * The implications of this rule are of interest mainly to compiler writers.

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