Business Knigge International. Der Schnellkurs by Kai Oppel

By Kai Oppel

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34 William James, himself, finally came out with his textbook, The Principles of Psychology, but twelve years late. Instead of the slim and efficient volume he had forecast, it came to over 1,200 pages in two volumes. Exhausted, he said he was finally glad to get that “dropsical tumescent mass” off his desk. ” Both works had a common theme focused almost entirely on a psychology of the individual, what goes on inside people’s inner lives, their feelings, sensation, cognitions and perceptions; the working of the individual will, the relation of the instincts 33 Costello, Harry Todd, Josiah Royce’s seminar, 1913–1914: As recorded in the notebooks Harry T.

And because they inspire such faith, by their very existence they overthrow the pretensions of the rationalists who claim to have absolutely explained all of reality by some newest theory of the intellect. They also tend to affirm an optimistic monism — that all in the universe is One, except that James himself remained a pluralist with regard to the ultimate nature of reality. Individuals may have unitive experiences, he said, but they might not exactly be the same from person to person. In the end, he detached himself from the discussion of subjective experience, however, and took the position of the psychologist, maintaining that psychology’s true contribution to the religious sphere is to approach the study of religion scientifically and to construct what he called a cross-cultural comparative psychology of the subconscious.

Neuroscience clearly cannot comment on anything other than the physical activity, even though it regularly reaches beyond its remit, in a form of cultural dominance, to explain wider forms of reality. The key point here is to ask why explorations are made by neuropsychologists into something called “religion”. Why, we may ask, do not neurologists analyse the brain functions of scientists during scientific experimentation or the writing of books on the psychology of religion? 58 The functional attributes of the scientist’s brain are not studied because they do not serve a political purpose in the struggle for power-knowledge.

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