Mathematics in Context: Operations: Algebra by Encycbrita

By Encycbrita

Scholar version educating figuring out of postive and damaging numbers, utilizing a coordinate approach, and utilizing the order of operations

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What are the new coordinates of your figure if you move it three spaces to the left and also three spaces up? Write the coordinates and draw the new figure in the same coordinate system you made for problem 1. 3. On Student Activity Sheet 5, you see a drawing of a letter F in a coordinate system. a. Multiply each first coordinate of the letter F by ؊2 and keep each second coordinate the same. Draw the new figure in the same coordinate system and mark it with an A. Use a ruler. b. Keep each first coordinate of the original letter F the same and now multiply each second coordinate by ؊2.

500 E. 400 E. 300 E. 200 E. 100 E. 200 W. 300 W. 400 W. 500 W. 600 W. 100 W. University Ave. 10: Doll Museum . 8: Forest House 9: Greyhound Bus St 7: Public Library e 6: Provo Theater at 500 S. 5: Post Office 44 Operations St 4: Pioneer Park S. 400 S. 1 mi 0 0 1km Operations and Coordinates E 1. The directions Diego gave can be noted as (E 3, S 2). a. Use the same notation to give directions from Pioneer Park to the Peoples and Culture Museum. b. Use the same notation to give directions from the Public Library to the Peoples and Culture Museum.

1, 1), (3, 3), (2, ؊1), (؊2, ؊1), (؊3, 1), (؊4, 0), (؊3, 2), (؊2, 2), (؊1, 1) Connect the points in order starting and ending at (1, 1). Add an eye to complete your drawing. Use Student Activity Sheet 4 for problems 8–12. 8. a. Plot the following points on your coordinate system. Remember that the first coordinate of the pair names a position going right or left in the horizontal direction, and the second coordinate names a position going up or down in the vertical direction. (1,1), (5,1), (6,2), (7,2), (7,1), (8,1), (9,2), (9,4), (7,4), (6,5), (5,5), (1,3), (0,3), (1,1) b.

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