Blood Law by Karin Tabke

By Karin Tabke

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Rafael! ” she screamed, jumping from her bed. An urgency so strong it nearly toppled her with its power propelled her from her rooms at the far end of the compound to Lucien’s quarters. As she rushed into his room, she screamed, slid in a pool of warm blood, and landed spinning on her knees. The woman Lucien had meant to mark lay dead on his bed, steam rising from her eviscerated chest. In the corner, amid the shambles of splintered furniture and broken glass, lay Rafael, his tawny fur matted with blood, his turquoise colored eyes glazed as death took him.

Slowly the heavy metal gates clicked open. Grabbing his bag, Rafael slid inside as the gates clanged shut behind him. Gravel crunched beneath his booted feet as he strode deeper into the compound and paused to take in the two-story log cabin–style building. He hated this place as much as he loved it. His chest tightened as memories stirred in his heart. Memories of his mother’s warmth and comfort, of his father’s strength and power, and of his brother’s unconditional love and loyalty. Memories of feeling secure—of knowing as long as his parents were alive, he, his brother, and the rest of the pack would be safe.

A harsh whoosh of air expelled from the body’s lungs, and she heard the crunch of broken glass beneath the feet of the other. “Please, please, just leave me alone,” she begged. A large, powerful hand grabbed her, its thick uncompromising fingers wrapped around her biceps. Falon gasped, opened her eyes, and froze. Deep turquoise-colored eyes blazed down at her. Her skin chilled, then heated before he yanked her up as if she didn’t weigh more than a small sack of potatoes. ” she shrieked, kicking at Vulkasin.

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