Blackhearted Betrayal (Shades of Fury, Book 3) by Kasey Mackenzie

By Kasey Mackenzie

From the acclaimed writer of Green-Eyed Envy comes a tumultuous story of unrest one of the Furies...

As Boston's leader Magical Investigator, Riss Holloway has been chargeable for fixing any crimes devoted via or opposed to supernaturals. yet now she's taking a go away of absence from the Boston PD and heading home—to specialise in her tasks as a Fury: like supporting her mom with an unsettling friction brewing within the Sisterhood, a faction of Furies sworn to serve the entire Deities both. nowadays, a person is taking part in favorites, drawing Riss right into a tumultuous civil battle embroiling each god and goddess. What was a principle, to face as a united complete policing arcanekind for millennia, has been divided via anything Riss by no means imagined—and deciding upon aspects may be the most deadly movement she's ever made.

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Neither liked running from the Shadowsouled and this gholam, for all they were the ones who had decided there was no choice. Certainly neither liked being reminded that they needed to run to meet the Windfinders almost as much as to escape the Forsaken. Aviendha would have studied those looks—Wise Ones did with a glance or a few words what she had always needed the threat of spear or fist for, only they usually did it faster and with more success—she would have studied Elayne and Nynaeve, except that their glares had no visible effect on the pair at all.

There was no need for destruction. Yet. Icy calm replaced rage in the blink of an eye. Blood and wine dripped from his gashed hand, unnoticed. Perhaps the Fisher did come from some dim remnant of a memory of Rand al’Thor, the shadow of a shadow. It did not matter. He realized he was laughing, and made no effort to stop. On the board, the Fisher stood waiting, but in the greater game, al’Thor moved already to his wishes. And soon, now . . It was very hard to lose a game when you played both sides of the board.

Only Sareitha, standing guard over a large white disc-shaped bundle, did not twitch, but she frowned. Merilille’s . . maid . . Pol, scowled from behind them. The Aes Sedai heatedly disapproved of the bargain that had brought the Atha’an Miere from their ships and given them a right to stare at Aes Sedai with demanding impatience, but that bargain tied the sisters’ tongues and choked them on their own irritation. Which they tried to hide; they might have succeeded with the wetlanders. The third group of women, in a tight knot at the opposite end of the yard, earned almost as much of their study.

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