Biologic Effects of Environmental Electromagnetism by Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter

By Herbert L. König, Albert P. Krueger, Siegnot Lang, Walter Sönning (auth.)

ARCHIVE replica don't get rid of the general public in industrialized international locations exhibits a mounting main issue approximately organic results of electric and magnetic fields. accordingly, experimental reviews in this topic are being released in expanding numbers during the international. Prof. H. L. Konig, of the Technical collage of Munich, West Germany, a number one professional and pioneer during this box, has written an authoritative textual content in a lucid variety which makes the fabric additionally obtainable to put readers. The booklet describes the results of typical in addition to man made electromagnetic energies masking the en­ tire measurable frequency variety from the top frequencies, x-rays, via microwaves, radio waves, and at last tremendous low frequency (ELF) waves. Cit­ ing the facts from medical stories in numerous nations, Konig additionally appraises the biologic results of microwaves and excessive pressure strength traces, that have turn into debatable concerns lately. different contributions to the booklet were made by means of Prof. Albert P. Krueger, collage of California, Berkeley, on air ionization results and by way of the mete­ orologist Walter Sonning on biometeorology, documenting the impression of atmo­ spheric electric currents on overall healthiness and illness. furthermore, the overdue Dr. Siegnot Lang, a former coworker of Dr. Konig, has contributed to this book.

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Their geophysical significance also appears to be minimal, aside from certain special questions connected with lightning research. High-frequency Atmospherics As mentioned previously, the reception of atmospherics is dependent upon highly complex processes. Reception at a fixed station, for example, is influenced both by global thunderstorm activity (spatial distribution and intensity) and by the type of lightning the storms produce. It is important to understand that lightning as a transmitter is composed of a spectrum of electromagnetic processes.

It is significant, however, that it is this range of solar emissions which is capable of penetrating the earth's atmosphere and reaching its surface. Only a small fraction of the radiations from the sun and space reaches the earth's surface, (Fig. 2-1). This takes place through two "windows" in the atmosphere: window I and window II. The sharp cut-off of short-wave radiation by window I is achieved by the breakdown of ozone. Lm. Lm. 4 ILm, water vapor begins to absorb large amounts of incident radiation and thus cuts off the solar spectrum on the long-wave side.

The formation of strong space charges in precipitation clouds, and especially in thunderclouds, has not yet been adequately explained. Earth Currents As mentioned earlier in connection with electromagnetic processes in the ULF and ELF ranges, electric currents of natural origin, which are causally related to processes in the ionosphere and magnetosphere and to the earth's magnetic field, flow in the earth. The strength of these currents depends on time variations of magnetic disturbances. Earth currents produce a voltage drop across the earth's surface which, measured over some distance, amounts to several volts.

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