Big Social Mobile: How Digital Initiatives Can Reshape the by David F. Giannetto

By David F. Giannetto

Big Social cellular exhibits that giant facts, in addition to social and cellular media, can increase company functionality considerably, yet simply whilst applied in a holistic style. This booklet deals an integrative technique that has helped a variety of companies increase what has regularly made them special, leading to transformative results.

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Making the buying experience as rich and rewarding for the consumer as possible became natural objectives of that strategy. 2 At a time when other companies were developing apps that had as many bells and whistles as could be conceivably added, Starbucks’ mobile app was noticeably low-tech. It could do little more than load the digital gift cards and subtract money at the point-of-sale. But this was enough. Consumers flocked to the app and made it the only highly adopted, fully utilized digital wallet app on the market for the next five years.

Push marketing was necessary because it was difficult for companies to identify exactly when consumers wanted or needed their product—what is called pull marketing. Pull techniques are more effective because when people have expressed a need for a product they are much more likely to buy; pull methods are more successful at converting consumers to customers. Social media and mobile technology are all based upon pull philosophy (although push techniques are often implemented via these platforms) because they are predominantly consumer technologies.

Big Social Mobile enterprises, though, have another option. An integrated approach makes it possible for a company to associate their brand with something that appeals to a group of consumers totally outside of their target market—what I call associative marketing. Associative marketing is based upon the premise that there can be value in this association itself, especially in fully saturated market segments, because data itself is valuable to Big Social Mobile enterprises; they gather, analyze and use the information contained in big data in creative ways to grow their customer base.

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