Autonomous Control of Nuclear Powerplants [short article]

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International power intake has grown dramatically during the last few a long time. This progress in power call for can be pushed by means of huge raises in either fiscal development and international inhabitants coupled with emerging residing criteria in quickly growing to be international locations. The final years, we usually listen a couple of "renaissance" of nuclear strength.

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In March 1981 the foreign Institute for utilized structures research (IIASA) released the result of an international strength research having a look fifty years into the long run: power in a Finite international: an international platforms research (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Ballinger Publishing Co. , 1981)*. no longer unusually, this booklet increases nearly as many questions because it solutions; hence, it defines a huge diversity of analysis issues that may be taken up by means of IIASA or different examine associations worldwide.

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However minor sequence variations exist between members of anyone type of snRNA, reflecting The Genes and Transcription of the Major Small Nuclear RNAs 41 the fact that these RNAs are transcribed from multigene families. In addition to the large families of true genes, many vertebrate genomes contain an abundance of nontranscribed pseudogenes. In this chapter we discuss the structure and transcription of the genes for the major snRNAs, V1 to V6. ). 2 SnRNA Thue Genes Genomic clones containing snRNA genes have been isolated from a variety of organisms and such clones have proven very useful for determining the number, organization and location of these genes.

Nucl Acids Res 12:3283 - 3293 Haynes SR, Jelinek WR (1981) Low molecular RNAs transcribed in vitro by RNA polymerase III from alu-type dispersed repeats in Chinese hamster DNA are also found in vivo. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 78:6130-6134 32 R. Reddy and H. Busch Hellung-Larsen P, Frederiksen S (1976) Occurence and gel electrophoretic properties of low molecular weight RNA components in cells at different taxanomic levels. Comp Biochem Physiol 58B:273-281 Hendrick JP, Wolin SL, Rinke J, Lerner MR , Steitz JA (1981) Ro small nuclear ribonucleoproteins are a subclass of La ribonucleoproteins: further characterization of the Ro and La small ribonucleoproteins from uninfected mammalian cells.

Nucl Acids Res 14:8893 - 8903 Ullu E, Melli M (1982) Cloning and characterization of cDNA copies of the 7S RNAs of HeLa cells. Nucl Acids Res 10:2209-2223 Ullu E, 1Schudi C (1984) Alu sequences are processed 7SL RNA genes. Nature (Land) 312:171-172 Van Arsdell SW, Weiner AM (1984) Human genes for U2 small nuclear RNA are tandemly repeated. Mol Cell BioI 4:492-499 Van Santen VL, Spritz RA (1987) Nucleotide sequence of a bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) U1 snRNA gene: implications for plant pre-mRNA splicing.

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