Amplitude/phase patterns in dynamic scintigraphic imaging by Axel Bossuyt

By Axel Bossuyt

Traditional nuelear medieine proeedures research the dis tribution of radiolabelled eompounds (radiopharmaeeutieals) within the physique lower than physiologieal in addition to below pathologieal eonditions. Beeause in their skill to visua lise and to quantify the distribution of radiopharmaeeuti eals in the physique by way of exterior deteetors, nuelear medieine teehniques are basieally non invasive and funetion orientated. The spatial version of the traeer distribution within the box of view, or the ehange in distribution in the course of a time period are interpreted as representing speeifie phy siologie or pathophysiologie strategies. As eompared to different diagnostie imaging teehniques, the spatial answer of seintigraphie photos is quite terrible, their temporal resolu tion is sweet. Faetors that would consequently ascertain the final word diag nostie worth of a seintigraphie research inelude 1. The speeifieity of the labelled eompounds for the method lower than research, 2. The answer in time and area of the instrumentation, and its skill of measuring quantitatively tissue aetivity eoneentrations, three. The formula of physiologieal or pathophysiologieal types from whieh the distribution of the traeer ean be predieted. 2 whereas analyzing nuclear medication information, the interrelations among those components may still completely stay less than consi deration. The generalised use of minicomputers has ended in significant advances in details processing in nuclear drugs imaging strategies. significant to this is often photograph digitisation.

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It was our aim to take advantage of the information eontained in a dynamie series of lung images by studying the breathing meehanism rather than eorreeting for it. In this study we deseribe the use of amplitude/phase funetional images obtained by Temporal Fourier Transform (TFT) to evaluate the possibility of deteeting differenees in mechanieal behaviour of the lungs indueed by different breathing manoeuvres in healthy individuals or indueed by disease in COPD patients (2). 2. DETECTIaN METHOD Density changes in the lungs during the respiratory cycle can be express ed in terms of changes in x- or gamma ray transmission, reflecting the local air/tissue (and blood) volume ratio.

SYSTEMATIC ERROR INTRODUCED BY GATING ARTEFACT A subjects at rest in norrnai rhythm will exhibit fluctuations in heart rate which can cause a distortion in the late diastolic period of the averaged cardiac dycle. If some beat s are slightly shorter than others, the last image of the sequence will contain fewer counts than the rest of the images. this When the original data are not corrected for distortion, stationary background eliminated from the ampli tude/phase images. gating artefacts also deteriorate the is no longer Similarly such first harmonic 52 sinusoid approximation within the heart region.

The most reliable way of eorreetion however takes into aeeount the true measurement of time for eaeh frame. 1 msee. resolution aeeording to referenee 20. 30000 liOF:11ALI:::;ED DATA 22500 15000 7500 5 Fig. 23. Correetion of 1 I) gating stationary strueture. 8. DISCUSSION Although the information content of EGNA studies as compared to other scintigraphic techniques is very high, image contrast, photon noise and sampling frequency limi t the visual extraction of relevant temporal information. The detectability of patterns in timing and magnitude of count rat e variations in the images is a function of the psychophysical properties of our vision.

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