A Practical Guide to Integrated Marketing Communications by Tom Brannan

By Tom Brannan

The winning integration of all points of promoting communications round one center positioning for an organization or model is key if busy dealers are to realize greatest influence and effectiveness from a given price range. this article indicates how to find key audiences and messages, and increase a method that would bring up advertising effect. The e-book assesses the strengths and weaknesses of some of the communcations routes to be had and provides suggestions on selecting the best combine to satisfy the agreed goals.

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Those big ‘48-sheet’ posters are the most conspicuous version of outdoor advertising. They are powerful and eye-catching, but they are far from the only option. Bus sides, bus backs and taxi sides can all offer mobile billboards. Bus stop ‘adshel’ posters, ‘tube cards’ on underground trains, and ‘cross-track’ posters at railway stations and in tube stations can all reach consumers on the move. And this latter group can carry relatively long messages since the audience is ‘captive’ during the waiting period – and has little to do except read the posters.

Corporate public relations encompasses the preparation for such situations and many others. It can play a central role at corporate level. As an aside, it is also worth noting that – when this value is understood within the company – public relations can provide the practitioner with regular and close access to the highest echelons in the company! BRAND PR Closer to what we might describe as more customer-associated PR, the discipline can make a real difference in our efforts to position the brand, whether product or corporate.

As a result, they were feeling conservative and reluctant to risk – as they saw it – spending already reduced client budgets outside proven mainstream media. Client personnel had taken at least as much of a battering and were likely to be feeling equally conservative. However, both audiences were frustrated by the limitations necessarily imposed to combat recession and were susceptible to something interesting and new which might brighten the dullness. The key focus was media planners since one ‘conversion’ would reach a number of clients and they are key influencers of client decisions.

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