A Contested Nation by OLIVER ZIMMER


Oliver Zimmer examines the ways that the Swiss outlined their nationwide id within the 19th century, within the face of a altering household and overseas history. Zimmer explores why the kingdom grew to become the point of interest of public obstacle at specific ancient junctures, how varied social actors created and re-created Swiss nationhood, and why the Swiss embraced a few definitions instead of others. starting within the 1760s, which witnessed the genesis of an early nationwide circulation, the ebook leads to the Eighteen Nineties whilst Switzerland built right into a smooth state.

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In H elvetio s, p. 90. 44 N um erous accounts o f the nobility as w ell as the songs o f the G erm an Lands­ knechte depict the Swiss C onfederation as a com m unity that had sham efully perverted this G od-given order. T he Landsknechte w ere the foot soldiers that constituted the G erm an infantry. 46 T he m ost serious allegation o f all, how ­ ever, held that the Sw iss Confederation was an anti-C hristian com m unity. This allegation appeared explicitly in num erous com m unications and speeches.

64 Peyer, ‘Entstehung der E idgenossenschaft’, p. 193. 65 Even more im portant for the long-term survival o f the C onfederate mythsym bol com plex w as the political significance it acquired alm ost from the o ut­ set. In part, this w as a consequence o f its spread during the late medieval and early modern periods. However, the diffusion o f the m yths from the late m e­ dieval era onw ards w ould not have sufficed to render them politically significant. W hat was decisive in this regard was the distinct social and political reality of C onfederate com m unalism .

J a h rh u n d e rt (Tübingen: Bibliotheca A cadem ica, 1995). S ee also the sam e author’s essay, 'P olitische Ö ffentlichkeit in der Sch w eiz im 18. Jahrhundert’, S c h w e ize risc h e Z e itsc h rift f ü r G eschichte 4 6 (1996), 26^12. 71 R eynolds, K in g d o m s a n d C o m m u n ities, p. 27 4 . , p. 276. 73 Here I fo llo w Bruce Webster, M e d ie v a l S co tla n d : The M a k in g o f a n Id e n tity (London: M acm illan, 1997), pp. 8 7 -9 3 . An equally su ccessfu l case o f early-m odern com m unalism , o f course, is the U nited Provinces o f the Northern N etherlands.

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